Arvus Group International is world unique.

With humble origins dating back to 1983, New Zealand based Arvus Group evolved out of the multidisciplinary interests of Matthew and Julie Simmons who married at the age of 23 and 22 respectively and then decided to follow their passions while raising a family.

Over the past three decades the business has designed, manufactured and invented solutions in the fields of Audio, Geothermal and Nuclear Energy, Digital Signal Processing, Optics, Acoustics, Agriculture, Game and Film post production, Digital Cinema, Theme Parks, Medicine and Transport.

Arvus has successfully interacted with dozens of international organisations like National Nuclear Laboratories, Dolby, Sony, Maxis, Hatch, Disney, Kodak, Microsoft, CBS, AT&T, SingTel (Singapore), Ubisoft, RockStarNorth, Samsung, DreamWorld, Capcom, Air Studios, National Film Unit (UK) to name a few. Almost four hundred engineers, designers and niche manufacturers have been remotely coordinated by a core team who were based in New Zealand.

The Arvus Group network of resources and clients now spans the globe in over 35 countries, all accomplished with no bank debt, no equity partners and no large factory or engineering premises.

In 2014 Matthew co-founded his new venture into exascale computing with Nyriad Limited and Julie is now fervently following her deep drive in medicine and health with Arvus Humanities.

Now in 2015, Arvus Group founders Matthew and Julie have started to shift into the next phase of their lives as their children are starting their own journeys as young adults.

The world is full of wonderful possibilities and amazing people yet to meet.

Much more to explore and do…..


August 2015